Charity Unites

It has been challenging times navigating through the pandemic worldwide together, and I am sure there are many blessings that have also come from the adversity we have experienced in the last year and a half that we can personally acknowledge. During these times, one thing that has become clear to me is the importance of showing love and kindness to others.

I feel and realize it is important for humanity to focus on helping and doing good to others. Good will to all men and women will allow for positive change in how we perceive ourselves and others. We are not infallible, and the very mistakes we make are important to grow in appreciation and wisdom for our lives. Those learning lessons will allow us to contribute to others in ways we would have not been able to if we didn’t experience them.

We cannot allow ourselves to have self loathing and deceit one among another. Forgiving and loving self and others, recognizing the good in others, being quick to forgive and see others in a positive light is the catalyst to healing the world from fear, hatred, envy and strife.

All of mankind offers good; whether it is recognized or judged as so, it is the evolution of the human race to extend love and to support one another, otherwise we would cease to exist. There is enough good in the world, to nourish and nurture unity and commonality that transcends any animosity or dissension in our relationships.

Our differences are the very thing that allows us to find joy in this life. To embrace others opinions, beliefs, and perspectives is an important ability to find improvement and progression not only for ourselves but the world we live in. This improvement increases our knowledge intellectually, spiritually and emotionally.

Allowing ourselves to find interest in others and concern for their well being. Offering charity to those in  need, this can come in different ways: it could be a smile, listening, a hug, opening the door, a genuine compliment, taking a walk together, a small gift, looking into the eyes of a stranger, or communicating without looking at a device.

The ways we can allow charity to enter into our hearts is by focusing on the good in one another and illuminating others attributes. By doing this simple act it will dissipate fear or prejudice that can occur by preconceived ideals.  We also must let go of the past or outcomes we cannot control, and look to them not as obstacles but the very reason for us to become better. Gaining wisdom from our past, and not allowing our past to dictate our future or halt our ability to change, will allow us to have hope for others and ourselves. Seeing others and ourselves in the best light will allow others to feel loved, and rise to their potential and inspire well doing and being unto all.

In closing, charity, love and compassion for others allows for clarity and joy in relationships and an overall positive self worth. My hope is we can all recognize moment by moment the ability we have to make a difference one relationship at a time to transform our lives and relationships in powerful ways.

With light and love,

Shelley Portocarrero